Don’t you ever wonder if you need a new roof or just a patch? Different companies will give you different answers. That’s the problem of most homeowners. They don’t know if they should just take the word of the roofer for it.  

One roofer may say that you’re going to need a new roof. Then if you tried to get a second opinion from another roofer, they’ll say that you don’t need it. So, whom should you trust now? Must you believe everything that the roofing company will tell you? You shouldn’t, even if you have enough money to pay for a new roof. 

Seeing through the Roofing Contractor’s Recommendations  

The contractor who said that you don’t need a new roof is more than likely, to be honest. After all, what’s their reason for saying so? A roofer with not discard a potential job by simply saying that the client doesn’t need a roof.  

It takes a lot of honesty for a roofing contractor to tell that to the client. A roof replacement project will generate more income than a small roof repair. Before a contractor will tell you that you don’t need to replace your roof, they would to thoroughly assess your roof before arriving at that conclusion.  

But if they did say that you need a new roof, then you must take their word with a grain of salt. Don’t just take their word for it. Ask questions and check the evidence that they have for you. A good roofing contractor will show you pictures or even go through each shingle to find out where your roof is leaking. 

How to Trust Your Roofing Contractor  

Choose a reputable roofing contractor to inspect your roof so you’ll have peace of mind knowing that they’re giving your correct recommendations. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you want to know more about the project. Understand the scale of the roofing repairs. Know more about the damage so you can explain the problem to another contractor if you want to get a second opinion. Some of the questions you may ask are. How many years will the new roof last if I choose to install one? Will you also clean and waterproof the roof? Is it still possible to save the roof? 

If you decide in favor of installing a new roof, then you must know if the installation comes with a two-year warranty. If possible, check for different roof designs that are applicable to your property. Even so, you want your roofer to clarify with you why you need a new roof and why it can’t be repaired.  

This is necessary if the cause of the damage is storms and heavy rains. You also want to know more about it because it’s possible that your home insurance company can cover all the expenses. Consider all the facts about why you need a new roof. Also, make sure that you understand what kind of maintenance your new roof needs. You want to know how to prevent losing a lot of shingles and how to prevent leakage in case of heavy rains. To know which professionals can help you, find roofers here.